Thursday, August 25, 2011

winter trees at night

1. Starting with a 9" square of watercolor paper, I taped a border around the edge with 1" painter’s masking tape. Then I cut thick and thin strips for trees that touched the top and the bottom of the border. It's important that these strips are cut with wavy edges, and not just full strips of tape. Branches may be added, along with a moon. All the edges need to be smoothed and pressed down.
2. I used Prussian Blue watercolor that was watered down and spread the paint over the entire picture. I wanted to add some texture, so I sprinkled salt on the wet paint as soon as it went on the paper. Let dry thoroughly.
3. Rub the salt off the picture and peel off the tape (careful not to tear the paper). I used acrylic with paint and a small brush to paint little snowflake dots. If any of the paint leaked into the trees, your can use this paint to cover up those spots.
4. With very watery blue paint, add the little bark stripes on the left and right of the trees and branches.
5. Again with very watery blue paint, add a thin shadow stripe on the same side of all the trees and branches.

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